Lykke | Driftwood Interchangeable Needle Tips - 5 inch – Needle & Hook


Lykke | Driftwood Interchangeable Needle Tips - 5 inch

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Stunning knitting Needle’s from Lykke.
We are super stoked to be a selected stockist of Lykke Needles & Hooks.
They are everything we love about quality knit & crochet tools.

  • Thoughtfully made by skilled people
  • Not mass produced
  • An absolute pleasure to work with
  • And glorious to look at

Featuring laser etched ends with metric & US sizing

Length: 5 inches 

You'll need cables to go with these bad boys, unless of course you shout yourself the set.

These needles are compatible with Knit Pro cables too!!

They also come as a set, available for pre-order (subject to availability).